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Are you experiencing oral pain due to a cracked or decayed tooth? While teeth were made to last throughout our lives, there are times where they become severely damaged. Our dentists’ goal is to save teeth when feasible, but teeth that are significantly damaged must be removed to prevent further complications.

Additionally, wisdom teeth often need to be removed to avoid discomfort and infection. When faced with a tooth extraction in Mishawaka, you may have concerns about the cost and how long it will take to recover. Knowing what to expect during tooth removal will help you feel more comfortable during the procedure. This guide answers several common questions about extracting teeth.

What Is the Typical Cost of Tooth Extractions?

Every patient has unique dental needs, so the tooth extraction cost will vary. Whether the extraction is surgical or simple, your insurance plan, and the number of follow-up appointments will determine the total cost. Give us a call for more details about pricing, insurance, or payment options.

When Does an Oral Surgeon Extract Teeth?

While simple extractions can typically be performed at your dentist’s office, there are times when a tooth is impacted or only partially erupted through the gums. These situations usually require an oral surgeon’s expertise. If your extraction will be surgical, our dentist will refer you to a reputable oral surgeon in your neighborhood.

What Conditions Require Tooth Extraction?

We will make every effort to preserve your teeth. Some conditions, however, will likely require having the tooth pulled. These include a tooth that has significant structural damage, teeth loosened by advanced gum disease, and wisdom teeth that are caught under the gums. It’s important to remember that if you are in pain, removing the affected tooth should resolve the discomfort.

Do Dentists Remove Broken or Decayed Teeth?

Teeth that are structurally damaged due to tooth decay or injury often can be restored through fillings or a root canal; however, teeth that are broken or decayed more than halfway will likely need to be removed. If your dentist determines that you must have the tooth pulled, they will also discuss your restoration options, including dental implants.

Why Would a Baby Tooth Need to be Pulled?

When a baby tooth is preventing an adult tooth from moving into position, it may need to be removed by a dentist. Baby teeth also are extracted when large cavities develop that are difficult to fill. If your child is experiencing discomfort due to a baby tooth cavity, give our office a call.

Can Gum Disease Cause Teeth Extractions?

Advanced gum disease causes the ligaments supporting teeth to deteriorate over time, resulting in the teeth becoming loose. This can often cause severe pain or infection, making a tooth extraction necessary for relief.

Do Wisdom Teeth Always Need to be Removed?

The wisdom teeth are a third set of large molars that tend to appear during the teen or early adult years. They aren’t necessary for chewing, and many people lack the space in their jaw to support them. Wisdom teeth can grow in horizontally, causing discomfort and sometimes infection. When the wisdom teeth become impacted, the dentist will recommend surgery to remove them. If you are experiencing pain due to impacted wisdom teeth, schedule an appointment with our office.

When Would Extra Adult Teeth Need to be Removed?

While not all extra teeth need to be removed, extraction is often necessary in those who wish to correct orthodontic problems with braces. Removing the extra adult tooth allows the remaining teeth to shift into the proper position.

How Do You Care for Your Mouth Following Extraction?

Proper aftercare is essential after an extraction because it allows a blood clot to form and the healing process to go smoothly. Without following your dentist’s instructions, a painful condition called dry socket can occur. The dentist will provide guidelines on what to eat and how to clean your mouth following the extraction. You can also contact our office if you have any questions about tooth extraction aftercare.

Does the Tooth Extraction Healing Process Take a Long Time?

Typically, moderate activities can be resumed 24 hours after getting a tooth pulled. Your dentist may recommend that strenuous activities be avoided for at least a week following a surgical procedure. Molars and larger teeth usually require a longer healing time than smaller teeth, and surgeries require more recovery time than simple extractions.

If you’re struggling with a decayed or broken tooth, contact our office to explore your treatment options. Our dentist will ensure you feel comfortable every step of the way when receiving a tooth extraction in Mishawaka.

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