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An attractive smile is an important social and professional asset. An unappealing smile can hurt your chances for professional advancement and hinder your self-confidence in social situations. Research shows an unattractive smile could hurt a person’s chance for getting a good entry-level job or career advancement.

A smile with yellowing teeth or a missing tooth can also make you feel like smiling less often, which can make you seem less friendly and less approachable in social situations. Cosmetic dentistry in Mishawaka can give you a dazzling smile which can boost your self-esteem in social and professional situations.

Additionally, many cosmetic procedures can take years off your age. Veneers are ideal for hiding worn down teeth which show your age. It’s also easy to chip teeth when you’re older as the enamel wears down. Little things, like a chip, can also age you. Cosmetic dental care can make sure it’s not your teeth which are giving away your true age.

What Are Cosmetic Dental Services?

Cosmetic, or aesthetic, dental care includes elective procedures which improve a patient’s smile. General dentistry involves preventative procedures, such as six-month exams and restorative care, such as fillings. Cosmetic dentistry enhances smiles by making teeth and/or gums look more attractive. General dentists and family dentists offer preventative and restorative services while cosmetic dentists are artists, capable of restoring your natural smile. Usually, your natural smile is ideal for your face shape, coloring, gender and race. Whether you want a dazzling movie star smile or to have your teeth look like they once did, a cosmetic dentist can oblige.

What Are the Most Popular Cosmetic Dentistry Services You Offer?

We offer a wide range of services if you want to enhance your smile. You can have one or multiple procedures depending on your goals. Our primary goal is to determine what you don’t like about your smile and then fix it. Advances in cosmetic care over the last several years now make it possible for anyone to achieve their dream smile while preserving as much of their natural teeth as possible. Natural teeth provide a strong base for crowns, veneers and other prostheses so they last longer. Cosmetic dentistry procedures we proudly offer include:

Will My Dental Insurance Cover any Cosmetic Procedures?

Unfortunately, most everyday dental plans do not offer coverage for cosmetic services. If you’re having your teeth bleached, you most likely won’t have coverage. If you are getting a crown to repair a broken tooth, you may have partial coverage as a crown can restore your ability to chew. Coverage varies so check with your insurance company or your plan administrator for details. Keep in mind, there are premium dental insurance plans which should cover elective procedures. Typically, plans offered by employers offer the least benefits but private, premium plans may cover some cosmetic procedures. If you call our office and request a consultation, you can discuss payment methods and options with our staff who will do their best to make your dream smile possible.

Where Can I Find Cosmetic Dentistry Near Me?

If the thought of a beautiful new smile has you searching for a local cosmetic dental office, please give our office a call and ask for a consultation. Your dentist will ask what you don’t like about your smile and then go over your options for improvements. You can expect our staff to answer your questions about how much and how long it will take to complete your new look. Not only will you get a new look, it will be functional too. We endeavor to offer highest quality cosmetic dental care in the community. Our dental team is skilled, caring and friendly. Call us today to schedule your initial consultation.

What Can I Expect My Cosmetic Dentistry Cost to Be?

Our patient’s fees for cosmetic dentistry vary widely as everyone has unique needs. Some people need only one small procedure to reach their goal while others are looking for a complete smile makeover. The cost for materials is also a factor in your total cost. For example, porcelain veneers are more expensive than composite veneers, but they last longer, so they may be a better investment for you.

We’re proud to offer high-quality, affordable cosmetic dentistry to individuals because we know the benefits which come from a smile you’re proud to show off at every opportunity.

If you would like a smile which makes you look more attractive, younger and healthier, please call our dental office and request a cosmetic dentistry consultation. We always welcome new patients at our cosmetic dental office. Our goal is to make your experience pleasant and stress-free. Our staff is warm and friendly and our dentist has an excellent chair-side manner.

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