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Although our teeth are designed to last a lifetime, there are situations where they become severely damaged. Advanced gum disease, tooth decay, or injury can structurally damage the tooth so significantly that it must be removed. Additionally, wisdom teeth often need to be extracted during a person’s teen or early adult years.

If your dentist has recommended a tooth extraction in Granger, it’s important to remember that the procedure itself is painless. In fact, getting a damaged tooth extracted will likely eliminate any discomfort you’re experiencing. The guide below details what to expect during a tooth extraction, how much extractions cost, and what common situations result in getting a tooth pulled.

How Much Does Tooth Removal Cost?

Having a tooth pulled tends to vary in cost. Your dental insurance coverage, how difficult the tooth will be to remove and the type of extraction required will determine the final charges. Typically, oral surgeries will be higher in cost than those performed by your regular dentist. Call us now for more information about the tooth extraction cost.

When Do Extractions Need Surgery?

Sometimes, teeth erupt only partially through the gums or become impacted underneath, making them difficult to reach using a forceps. This typically means that oral surgery will be required to remove the tooth. If the dentist determines that a surgical extraction is necessary, you will be referred to an experienced oral surgeon for treatment.

Is Tooth Extraction Always Necessary?

Dentists generally make every effort to preserve teeth, whether it’s a filling or root canal therapy. However, when a tooth cannot be saved using a restoration, it will need to be extracted to prevent further dental health issues.

Will a Broken, Cracked, or Decayed Tooth Need to be Removed?

If your tooth is significantly damaged due to injury or large cavities, it’s important to see a dentist quickly to reduce pain and restore your dental health. The dentist will examine the tooth to see if the issue can be solved without extraction; however, a tooth that is damaged more than halfway will likely need to be removed. Fortunately, there are options available for replacing a missing tooth, such as dental implants.

When Would a Baby Tooth Need to be Pulled?

When a baby tooth becomes broken or develops a large cavity, your child may experience discomfort. Our dentists typically recommend extracting baby teeth that are damaged due to decay or injury. They may also be extracted if they are preventing an adult tooth from moving into position.

Does Periodontal Disease Cause Tooth Loss?

Severe gum disease threatens the structures supporting the teeth, causing them to loosen or fall out entirely. This can also lead to painful infections over time, making extraction necessary. Call us now if you’ve noticed a loose tooth or suspect advanced gum disease.

When Do Wisdom Teeth Need to be Removed?

Usually appearing during a person’s teen or early adult years, the wisdom teeth are a third set of large molars that aren’t necessary for chewing. Dentists usually recommend removing them because they can cause problems if a person’s jaw isn’t large enough to support them. The teeth can become impacted under the jawline or even cause crowding issues if left alone. Impacted wisdom teeth typically require oral surgery to remove.

Do Dentists Pull Teeth for Braces?

Sometimes, extra adult teeth can cause crowding issues in the jaw. These teeth often need to be extracted before getting braces to allow room for adjustment. Find out more by contacting our office.

What Are the Usual Tooth Extraction Aftercare Instructions?

After you have a tooth pulled, proper aftercare will ensure a blood clot forms and that the area heals without complications. Your dentist will provide a list of instructions, including what to eat and drink as well as how to keep your mouth clean. You may also receive medication to assist with pain or swelling after the tooth extraction.

How Long Does the Tooth Extraction Healing Process Take?

Most people can return to their regular moderate activities within 24 hours after a tooth extraction in Granger. However, dentists recommend that patients avoid sports and other strenuous activities for about a week minimum. Your dentist can answer any specific questions you have about recovering after an extraction.

Oral surgeries usually have a longer healing time than simple tooth extractions at the dentist’s office. Additionally, larger teeth tend to require more healing time than smaller teeth post-extraction.

Damaged teeth can be painful, but you don’t have to suffer. If you are looking for a dentist that performs teeth extractions, call our office to schedule an appointment.

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