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Are you ready for a dazzling smile? Keep reading to learn more about dental teeth whitening.

Is Professional Teeth Whitening Right for Me?

If you have teeth yellowed by age, stain-causing foods and beverages or tobacco, teeth whitening can give you back the white teeth that you remember. If you have teeth discolored by antibiotics, injury or decay, in-office teeth whitening will not help, but you do have options available to fix the problem. Veneers or crowns can cover the intrinsic (inside the tooth) discoloration.

If you come in for a consultation, our dentist can determine if dental whitening can deliver the whiteness that you desire. Don’t live with yellowed teeth when you could have white teeth in one afternoon. Call our office today to arrange for your consultation.

Is Teeth Whitening at Home Safe?

Teeth whitening done at home with a dentist-supplied tray and bleaching gel is perfectly safe. The tray is tailor-made; it will fit perfectly so the gel cannot irritate your gums. Your dentist will mix the bleaching gel especially for you as well. The dentist will send you home with instructions regarding how long to wear the tray and how long it will take to have your teeth reach the desired shade.

What Does it Cost to Have Your Teeth Bleached?

Your teeth bleaching cost depends on your unique needs. If you have any oral health issues, such as decay, our dentist will recommend that you have it taken care of before the teeth whitening treatment. Additionally, chairside teeth whitening cannot alter the color of fillings or veneers, if you have restorations, a teeth bleaching dentist would have to even out their color. Contact our office to arrange a consultation and our dentist can tell you your cost once he or she has examined your teeth and gums.

Can I Get the Same Results Using Teeth Whitening Products at Home That I Would from a Teeth Bleaching Dentist?

You cannot achieve the same whiteness with toothpaste or whitening strips that you can buy in a store because only a dentist can use a professional-grade bleaching solution. You also will not get the immediate results that dental teeth whitening from a professional dentist offers.

What is the Teeth Whitening Procedure?

Our dentist can choose from several systems to use for professional, in-office teeth whitening. However, the process is basically the same with each system. Some systems use an intense light on you teeth once the bleaching agent is on your teeth in order to enhance your results.

After verifying your suitability for a teeth whitening treatment, our dentist will suggest a dental cleaning before getting started. You will have a picture of your teeth taken and then our dentist will use a cheek retractor and a dam to protect your cheeks and gums from coming into contact with the bleaching agent.

The bleaching solution is left on for a set period of time and then removed, often several times. Next, you admire the results and advise the dentist of any adjustments that need to be made. If your teeth are not as white as you had hoped, our dentist will send you home with a customized bleaching kit.

Contact our office for a consultation if you are looking for in-office teeth whitening in South Bend. We would enjoy making you happy to smile once again.

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