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Missing teeth can adversely affect your entire life. You may experience difficulty with chewing, speaking, smiling or interacting socially. Fortunately, our affordable, quality implant-supported dentures can resolve all those problems and more, so if you’re interested in learning more about implant-supported dentures in South Bend, then call our office and let us help you.

Are Denture Implants Better Than Other Types?

Traditional dentures rest on top of your gums. They’re not attached unless you use adhesive, and that’s only a temporary fix. Implant-supported dentures are permanently installed into your jawbone and will never slip or slide or fall out. The posts function as the tooth root, and the dentures are permanently attached to the posts, so you can resume your active lifestyle, eat the foods you like, and never worry about your dentures. The base, which functions as the gum, is made of acrylic that looks very natural. The teeth are made of either acrylic or porcelain, so they look very natural as well. In fact, unless you tell them, no one will ever know that you’re wearing dentures. Traditional dentures can look like false teeth, and they may be uncomfortable and not remain in place.

How Are Implant Dentures Installed and Will the Dentures Ever Fall Out?

Implant-supported dentures are available in two styles; ball-retained or bar-retained. Bar-retained dentures have a single metal bar that secures the dentures in place. Ball-retained dentures have ball-shaped attachments that fit into sockets on the denture. Both are equally stable and permanent, and your dentist will recommend the best type for your unique needs.

The installation procedure requires two or three dental office visits. During the first visit, your dentist will prep the area and then install the biocompatible posts into your jawbone. After the sites have healed, which can take up to six months depending on your unique physiology, you’ll return to our office to have the dentures attached to the support mechanisms. Sometimes, we can complete the entire procedure in one visit, but that’s only at the discretion of your dentist, so ask if it’s appropriate for you. Call our South Bend office to schedule a consultation or if you have more questions.

Are Implant-supported Dentures Worth the Expense?

Although your implant-supported dentures cost may be slightly more initially, it may be more cost-effective over time. Denture implants don’t require special cleaning, there are no messy and expensive adhesives to buy, and they don’t fall out and break. Overall, you may invest less money than you would with other tooth replacement options. Properly maintained, denture implants should last for decades or a lifetime, unlike traditional dentures. Implants look more like your natural teeth than traditional dentures, and you’ll always have a full set of teeth in your mouth. Implants also help maintain the structural integrity of your jaw and face, which traditional dentures don’t. Your teeth provide structure for your face and jaw, and without them, you’ll develop wrinkles around your mouth and your facial structure will become distorted. Your chewing ability will be restored with implants, so you’ll experience better overall health also. Many of our patients state that implants are one of the best decisions they’ve ever made, so if you want to join them, call our South Bend office to schedule an appointment.

If you want implant-supported dentures but have financial limitations, call our office today. We’ll work with you so that you can have the affordable, quality implant-supported dentures you need at the cost of denture implants that you can afford.

Can I Realize the Benefits of Implant-supported Dentures in South Bend?

We’ve developed a reputation for being among the best in the South Bend for denture implants. So, if you’re interested in getting these secure dentures, call The Dental Center of Indiana and we can help you. We’ve been providing denture implants to patients in the area for many years, so we’d love to welcome you to our dental family.

How Do I Care for My Implant-supported Dentures?

Denture implants require no special care regimen, but they do require good oral hygiene. Otherwise, your implants will fail. Implant-supported dentures need brushing and flossing at least twice daily. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush and use a gentle horizontal motion, holding the brush at an angle to the gums. Floss when you brush and use an antibacterial mouthwash for the best results. Make sure you have regular dental checkups and your implants should last for the rest of your life. If you want denture implants in South Bend, then call us today.

Why Are Implant-supported Dentures the Better Choice?

Denture implants are the affordable, reliable, attractive, and healthy choice for those who need dentures. If you’re deciding between traditional dentures and implant dentures, then your choice should be the implants. We’ll work with you on financing if it’s available. Our dentists are among the best in the area for implants, so call us today. Our dental team is ready to help you find a better tooth replacement option.

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