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You deserve a dentist you trust who can be a longstanding partner in your oral health care. We can be that partner for you, offering quality dental care that respect your individuality, time and needs.

A Zeal for Providing Quality Dental Services

Visit our office, we hope that you’ll immediately see how we strive to deliver the best dental care possible. We begin by warmly welcoming you to our practice. The atmosphere of our office is important, carefully created by our staff to help you feel at home. We truly want to help you achieve and maintain excellent oral health. We’re happy to answer your questions, explain your options completely and provide you with an experience that makes your time in our office enjoyable.

Our dental care team is equally dedicated to your comfort. For some of our new patients, visiting the dentist can be nerve-wracking. Our team members are adept at helping to ease these fears and calm the nerves of even our most anxious patients.

As your quality dental care partner, we welcome your active participation in your care and treatment. During your visit, our dentists will develop a unique treatment plan that’s tailored to your specific needs. Our dentists will review all of your options and their benefits, and they’ll explain what outcomes you can expect for each option. We’ll also answer any questions you may have and give you all the time you need to make a decision.

We work hard to strive to deliver the best dental care available, offering a team who is attentive, skilled and compassionate. If you’re asking yourself, “What kind of experience can I expect from a top-quality dentist near me?”, keep reading. You’ll see exactly how our patients feel about our care.

Lori H. says,

The service was excellent from the moment I walked in. The entire staff had a genuine, welcoming smile and seemed to care about every client. I have rarely seen such authentic friendliness and caring in a service industry. Truly – I was highly impressed with my experience.

Debbie S. says,

Very patient friendly, not many people like going to the dentist but everyone in the office makes it a pleasurable experience.

George K. says,

Any doctor/dentist visit can be stressful but it’s anything but that at The Dental Center. You all have made my visits very pleasant.

Angela F. says,

Took my 5-year-old to get cavities filled, he actually fell asleep! I got to stay with him the whole time. The staff was amazing, I would highly recommend this office.

George K. says,

If you need a dentist and are scared due to past experiences don’t worry, go to the dental center of Mishawaka and not only will your teeth look good and will show them off with a smile but you’ll smile because you had a great time with the great staff.

Mark D. says,

Great service

Raimie W. says,

Extremely satisfied with the office and how caring everyone is. Excellent service.

Catheri D. says,

The gal who worked on Catherine’s teeth was very skilled at the cosmetic work which Catherine was getting done. She also was very kind and tried to help us visualize what the final product would be before starting the procedure.

Raimie W. says,

It’s actually a pleasure to have dental work done. The most caring practice I have ever been to. They are even great with kids. So glad I chose this office.

Serenity S. says,

Because they treat my daughter very well and she isn’t afraid to be there

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We accept most insurance plans and will be happy to help you understand the coverage that you have. We will do our best to see that you receive your maximum insurance benefits for all covered services.

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